Who's on your team?


As a young kid growing up in Anchorage, Alaska I always wanted to fit in. I looked up to the gangstas on tv and I wanted to be just like them. Being tall and black, I accepted the stereotype of becoming a basketball player.  I have to keep it real with you, I was the worst player on the team, and I was famous for shooting the ball over the backboard.  You guessed it,  I quit.

Even though I was a horrible basketball player I still wanted to hang around some of the players on the team. Some of the players were in gangs, they had guns and ladies. I thought they were coolest ever.

 I started to hang out with these guys a lot, and mean while to fit in with my new "Friends" I started smoking with them.  I remember taking that first puff and thinking I was the coolest dude in the world not knowing that I was killing myself and plus my teeth were looking bright yellow like the sun. Hanging with the wrong crowd placed a lot of pressure me, everywhere I went with them I had to watch my back from the other guys who wanted to fight us.

I remember one day my "friends" were telling me we were all going to be in a big fight at lunch time at school. Deep down  I was SCURRED!!! but you know darn well I wasn't going to show it. They were right, once lunch started it was THURSDAY NIGHT AT THE FIGHTS. People were getting thrown around like rag dolls, BAM...BOOM...BAM... & REPEAT. As the fight was happening I was looking for the EXIT SIGN. I was praying, dear Jesus I know I'm not meant for this lifestyle, please get me out of here safely..amen. I think it's so funny how we can put out ourselves in stupid situations and still have the nerve to pray to God for help haha. Ok, now.... back to my crazy story. As I was trying to escape someone who looked like the Rock from Fast & The Furious pushed me down and a whole bunch of people tried to stump my lights out. I quickly dodged as many feet and punches as possible and escaped! 

Things I learned from my crazy story above:

1. Don't do things because you want to be popular. Be you.

2. Smoking makes your teeth look like the sun.

3. Choose your friends wisely. Who are your friends? Are they encouraging you to do better in life? Are they happy for you? Do they inspire you to be all you can be? If not, you guessed it... you need to make new friends. ASAP!!!

Welcome to my first blog.

Preston Pollard

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